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Xane Wiki is a free source of all information that everyone can freely copy from, whether that be to another wiki or website, as long as it abides by the rather open license all content on this wiki is assumed to be licensed as. Remember, do not take info from other sources unless their license is compatible with this wiki's current license or is given proper credit.


As stated above, all content on this wiki can be copied to other sources or referenced as long as it abides by the Creative Commons BY 4.0; This means while the content from this wiki can be copied elsewhere and tweaked, it must be released under this same license or a compatible one.

Credit must also be given; A simple mention of the content being "from Xane Wiki" will suffice. If you have used content from when this wiki was named "World of Kirbycraft Wiki", you may keep that attribution, but please consider updating it to Xane Wiki.

Other copyrights[edit]

Xane's various things he's created involve some form of copyrighted content, owned by another company.

World of Kirbycraft[edit]

In the World of Kirbycraft series, the two main IPs that are used are Kirby and Warcraft. These are owned by HAL/Nintendo and Blizzard respectively. Many other copyrighted characters from different franchises appear as enemy Kirbies that fight Arthas, Uther, and Xane. These are owned by their respective companies.

Additionally, these movies infamously use commercial songs, usually way louder than any other audio if it's the main theme of a battle. Most common is the final boss theme of each movie, Famous by Puddle of Mudd. Other songs can be heard faintly in the background. During the third movie,[1] all music is louder than other audio, making that movie the most obvious copyright violation.


  1. The third movie here's referring to the original movies. If a remake is made, it will combine what were previously the second and third movies into a single movie.