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This page is written informally as this is Xane's user page, as the creator; If you're looking for the self-insert character from the series, go here.

I am the creator and developer of the World of Kirbycraft series. I do all of the work by myself because I've worked alone since the beginning of World of Kirbycraft. I feel in general that I can't trust others I'm working with will do things correctly.

The World of Kirbycraft series comes before Mary's Magical Adventure. See Movies for details. == Misc. Info Here, I'll include stuff that doesn't belong on any wiki pages.

World of Kirbycraft: The Mysterious Game Vol. 2 script

It is unknown if I'll ever bother doing it, but this is the "script" of the fifth World of Kirbycraft movie, which'd take place directly after "The Mysterious Game Vol. 1", right after the bombs were dropped then everyone escaped.


Arthas and Uther return to their world, or at least appear to. Looking around, the surroundings don't look like Azeroth or the "Ancient City", which makes Arthas and Uther wonder where they've gone to instead of home.[1] When Arthas thinks about it, he realizes he was in a rush to get out of the destroyed city on earth before anyone else found out about the Kirbies responsible.

Meanwhile, Wii is fighting his competitors, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, defeating each, which surprises Sony and Microsoft. Arthas reassures Uther that he brought Wii with them as he bombed the city then turns Wii on, awakening him from the nightmare. All of them then hear a little girl making noises as she walks around the city they're near. After she leaves the area, the team approaches the middle of the city and Arthas spots a very familiar star statue which looks identical to the one they saw on earth.

Meanwhile, Mary goes underground and finds a machine; Being a child, she tries it out and begins to distort and shrink! The strange circular objects in the machine scatter as the machine suddenly stops, one landing in front of the machine. Mary becomes scared when she looks at her arms, which are no longer human. She runs scared into a nearby vehicle that Uther had sitting around in his lab, activating it. As Mary hasn't learned how to drive yet, she accidentally drives it onto the top of a building, which leads her right into the star! Arthas, still staring at the star, pondering why it's here as well, sees and hears Mary crash into it and drive off.

First Battles

Arthas wants to find that purple Kirby and question them, but before he can run off to do so, monsters land from the star and challenge Arthas to a battle, which Arthas wins. Wii notices the Nintendo DS came out along with some unknown game consoles, both good and bad news to him. Arthas and Uther tell Wii to stay behind to stop anyone else who may come out of the star, running ahead to battle the game consoles. The first one they get close to is the Nintendo DS, which they fight and defeat near Wii, who senses the only other Nintendo game system that survived the battles in the previous movie and didn't stay behind and get destroyed by the explosion (as the Virtual Boy did) had "died". This angers the Wii, who knows Arthas and Uther did it. However, as the Wii tells them their mistake they just made, the other game consoles get away.

Now Arthas and Uther have to find the other game systems. They first find the Master System/Game Gear, two systems that Wii doesn't recognize, and are both destroyed due to how inferior they are to the later game consoles by the company that made them. Next, they find a black game console with a round top area and "16-BIT" written on it. The Wii remembers how Nintendo, before they were destroyed, had told him of their past fights with SEGA, starting with the SEGA Genesis, loading an image of it from memory. As it matches the memories Wii has, Arthas and Uther are commanded to destroy the Genesis, to prove SEGA wrong, that "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" is wrong. The Genesis goes down, then the next system, the SEGA Saturn. Arthas wants to see the next opponent, now that Uther ditched his easily-hacked "tournament".

Their Worst Nightmare

As it's requested, it appears, a disc-based console similar to the Saturn they just destroyed, but with higher quality graphics and seven glowing gems circling it (not in movie due to limitations). The gems, never seen before by Arthas, makes him slightly concerned the battle will be harder, but he begins the fight. After a single round, the console leaves, but not before saying it's called the "Dreamcast". Meanwhile, Mary's looking around the island, finding more Chaos Bridges. She finds six of them, but then as she gets the sixth one, the Dreamcast comes to her. Mary attempts to hit it, but can't harm it due to the Chaos Emeralds circling it. She starts running at fast speeds, escaping it.

The team are now in Uther's Lab and Uther notices the machine looks damaged and the Chaos Bridges are no longer inside it from earlier, which prompts all three to split up to find one. One grabs the Chaos Bridge then all gather in the middle of the city, where Mary's hiding, scared. Arthas finds Mary but is distracted by the Chaos Bridges she holds, the objects that they need. As Arthas walks towards her to grab them all, the seventh Chaos Bridge he's holding floats to the other six as they all start spinning in a circle! Just then, the Dreamcast returns, ready to get them all with seven Chaos Emeralds, but then Uther remembers why he got the Chaos Bridges previously, because they were rumored to do things like what they're doing. Mary then shouts out "Love energy, bridge the gap!" and starts transforming into Magical Cutie Mary, which makes her revert to being a human. She also gets a wand with a heart-shaped top part which she then holds as long as she's human. Magical Cutie Mary introduces herself with the exclamation, "I, Magical Cutie Mary, shall take you down by the power of love!"

The Final Battle

Magical Cutie Mary surprises everyone, but they now must fight the Dreamcast! First, Arthas, Uther, and Wii take turns attacking the Dreamcast, lowering his health as the Chaos Bridges gave them a small fraction of Mary's newly-gained power. After all this happens, Mary reverts to being a human girl and draws a heart with the end of her wand, throws it into the air, then lands it on her fingertip. As it spins, she says something like "Love, gather to my wand, please!" then throws it into the air again and hits the heart she drew. As she does this, she yells "Lovely Heart!". This fires the big heart at the Dreamcast, which makes the Chaos Emeralds leave it, making the Dreamcast vulnerable to attacks. The Wii tells the others to let him finish Nintendo's rival SEGA off and blasts it with a very bright blue light that makes the Dreamcast "explode".

After this happens, the Wii thinks about all of the consoles Arthas and Uther destroyed and how earth was destroyed by them, meaning any console that didn't come along was destroyed, along with their companies. Wii becomes sad as he thinks of how all of his friends, the Nintendo game consoles, were "killed", and how that although SEGA, Sony, and Microsoft were his rivals, he regrets having to destroy all of their consoles when maybe one may have joined them as Wii did when he broke free of Nintendo's mind control, but he can't go back in time to fix what happened in the past, so Wii moves on and everyone goes back to Uther's Lab.


Uther puts the seven Chaos Bridges back into his machine and Mary returns back to being a human little girl. However, the Chaos Bridges due to Mary's proportion change being larger than the opposite earlier, the Chaos Bridges fly so far that they disappear into another dimension. Mary thanks the three on the Undead side that she met and returns to the big building where she lives. The others stay at the lab, planning leaving Hell City to go on an adventure there.


  1. A bit of a spoiler for Mary's Magical Adventure, but somehow it must be explained how both "Xane's world" (Earth) and Arthas' world (Azeroth) look the same. The reason being that Xane uses his hidden powers to make Arthas believe he's going to another dimension (and convinced him to fly off the ramp, which Arthas wouldn't do otherwise) and may have not died at the end of one of the movies. He also messed with Arthas' mind at the end of The Mysterious Game Vol. 1. I don't know enough about story-writing to know how to subtly imply these things.