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Many years ago, Xane got a laptop that used Windows Vista. This laptop came with Windows Movie Maker and its DVD burning counterpart; This being Xane's first laptop with DVD burning, Xane got to work making many movies, most being short movies with nonsensical stories, sometimes resembling the spiritual successor to Xane's previous "muvees". The most notable series of DVD movies Xane created was the World of Kirbycraft series.

World of Kirbycraft[edit]

World of Kirbycraft started as a series of Kirby Air Ride machinimas starring a yellow Kirby version of Arthas, who fought Uther in most movies.

Title Description
The Uther Chronicles Vol. 1 Arthas is in Azeroth when he hears a voice, calling itself his "best nightmare". Arthas is tricked into warping to Xane's world, where he accidentally breaks the big star in the city, letting lose the worst characters, which have to be fought in the tournament. Although Arthas refuses at first, he realizes it could affect his world, leading to him defeating Uther and locking the stupid characters back into the star.
The Uther Chronicles Vol. 2 Arthas is tricked again by the mysterious voice, who reveals to be Xane. While Arthas and Xane fight more dumb characters, Uther speaks to the powerful Lich King, who tells him that Arthas is the reason why everything wrong is happening.[1]

After a while, a criminal named CJ from San Andreas arrives and steals Xane's vehicle, only returning it once Arthas and Xane locate the Panda Express cup using the map they find inside the volcano. Once all of the dumb characters are locked into the big star again, the Lich King comes out from the underground to fight them. He tries to kill Xane, but Arthas gets aggressive and demands he brings Xane back to life.

This is short-lived as after that, Xane flies Arthas around the city on his Dragoon, talking about a recent discovery. Xane found out through a wiki that Arthas turns into the Lich King, but "that can't be possible" when both were just fighting. Just then, Arthas transforms before Xane,[2] becoming Dark Arthas. During the battle, Xane appears to be killed by Arthas, who then blows up the city with Uther before flying back to Azeroth.

The Mysterious Game Vol. 1 With Xane dead, Arthas somehow returns to his world only to find everything back to how it was previously! News is heard saying that a mysterious blue light is flashing, scaring the people somehow[3]
  1. The Mysterious Game Vol. 2 (Planned fourth movie to transition to Mary's Magical Adventure)

Sims 2 movies[edit]

Xane made a couple movies using footage from the PC version of Sims 2. These had strange stories and made heavy usage of debug objects in the game, usually seen on-screen as boxes, tombstones, or a baby, easily seen at the beginning of A Haunting - Sims 2 Edition.

  • A Haunting - Sims 2 Edition
  • Sim Romance: True Love


Xane made other movies which aren't a part of a series.

Title Year Description
Xane and the Men 2008 While making a "Xane Rap", Xane finds out about "the men", who successfully shoot him multiple times as he does various things, including talking about Shushybye Secrets. After being killed, Xane plays with blocks and smacks the viewer between a playing room and a bathroom multiple times before he decides to "slap himself back to the real world" to fight the men. The battle abruptly ends with no conclusion. This movie was made using Cyberlink PowerDirector, using the trial that came with Xane's Acer laptop. A watermark can be seen briefly at the beginning of the movie when the silhouette appears.
A Dangerous Time 2008 Also titled "A Dangerous Moment...And Time". Wyatt appeared in the movie as a doctor, who helps Skylar and Spanky, who can talk for unknown reasons despite being dogs. The movie uses the stock movies that come with Windows Vista. In one case, a video of a hospital plays, showing a guy flipping a page across his clipboard, while Xane badly voice acts "Must get the toilet paper!" over it.
Jamie's Life 2008 A collaboration with Madison, Xane's then-step-sister, this movie tells the story of Jamie the farmer, who takes care of his animals and crops, while also running to Gwen to give her favorite food, jam. This movie is notable for being just a slideshow of pictures of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, taken while Madison played the game. Madison voiced all characters, but Xane tried to interfere occasionally.
007 Action 2011 This is a movie featuring a couple fights in 007: Agent Under Fire's multiplayer versus the bots. It has a modified DVD menu, but it isn't that good. It was recorded using Xane's capture card, the same one used for recording the World of Kirbycraft movies.
SMW Revealed 2009 A video showing one of Xane's old Super Mario World ROM hacks, one that hasn't been shown on Xane's YouTube channel. It is notable for having a custom-printed design on the disc, but it was printed using incorrect colors. A picture of this can be found in the gallery.




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  1. It's very odd the Lich King is telling Uther this, when the Lich King is Arthas!
  2. Yes, this story makes no sense, I'm sorry.
  3. They were killed in the previous movie, this movie makes no sense.