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Mary's Magical Adventure's second logo
This section or page contains details that may spoil your experience. Read and reveal spoilers at your own risk.

Mary's Magical Adventure is a first-person platformer/shooter which uses GZDoom, with most gameplay alterations achieved using action code scripting (ACS). The game has no set release date, but is in the alpha development stage.

Xane is considering allowing donating via Patreon, which may limit the latest downloads to patrons only. As of September 2019, the game can be downloaded and tried out for free on The X Site, and its modified source can be downloaded from GitHub.


As both characters are almost always teamed up, both characters share the same story. There are slight differences at certain points, however. See MMA:Story for the full story.


In Mary's Magical Adventure, there are two playable characters, Mary and Xane. Both are usually always teamed up, though the character not chosen is invisible, only heard talking at certain points. Due to that, both characters go through the same levels and the same story events occur, with minor exceptions. What mainly causes the characters to be distinct are their abilities and weapons.


Official Mary art by Setenza.
Main page: Mary

Mary is the 7-year-old daughter of Kimberley and Xane, who seems ordinary at first, but has abilities that set her apart from other children.

Mary's main ability is her Air Dash. When in the air, pushing JUMP will cause her to forcibly push herself forward through the air, instantly jumping to full speed. She can use this to jump around corners without losing any speed, and also as an attack, knocking enemies away from her. With her quick speed, she can even run across the surface of the water!


Mary collects five weapons during her adventure:

  • MAGIC-FIRE-G: A pistol capable of firing out magic compressed into the shape of large bullets. This allows for ranged combat, but it comes at the cost of forced magic usage.
  • Mary's Umbrella: Mary's pink umbrella, given to her by Xane. With it, Mary can glide through the air, float on upward air currents, and knock enemies away from her onto springs and off edges!
  • Piko-Pinko Hammer: A small toy hammer. Despite its small size, Mary can hurt enemies with rapid smacks! Use it skillfully in combat to quickly destroy your opponents.
  • Heart Bow: A cute bow with a pink heart on each end. Like any standard bow, Mary can fire arrows using it. Charge up your shots to shoot farther and quicker!
  • Wand of Love:

Magical Cutie Mary's purification wand. With it, special projectiles can be fired that can burn and freeze enemies and objects. It can even allow Mary to perform Lovely Heart if she's transformed.


Xane's current appearance, which greatly resembles Kirby.
Main page: Xane

Xane is Mary's father. He is a small, blue creature with wings. He can be a human or giant, the latter when he's at full power as the Origin Master, but during Mary's Magical Adventure, he remains as his weakest form.

As a blue bird-esque creature, Xane can flap his wings many times when in the air, allowing for pretty precise control in the air. This is done by pressing JUMP in the air, either tapping it momentarily or holding it to automatically flap at an optimal rhythm. Hold FORWARD and rapidly tap JUMP to accelerate Xane through the air at velocities exceeding his maximum speed on the ground.


Xane collects five weapons during his adventure:

  • MAGIC-FIRE-B: A pistol capable of firing out magic compressed into the shape of large bullets. This allows for ranged combat, but it comes at the cost of forced magic usage.
  • Explosive Chips: Random electronic parts meant to be used on circuit boards. Xane can overload them with electricity then throw them to blow up enemies. Different parts cause different effects, from stunning to burning areas.
  • Unknown Weapon
  • Unknown Weapon
  • Some kind of sword (Not to be confused with the sword in the current version, which is a leftover of Arthas.)


Main page: MMA:Levels

Mary and Xane both go through the same levels, but start at different locations sometimes.