Mary's Magical Adventure

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Mary's Magical Adventure's logo

Mary's Magical Adventure is the newest part of the World of Kirbycraft series, based on the GZDoom source port. It is currently in early alpha but the latest release and source code are downloadable.


Mary's Magical Adventure is very incomplete, but the story will be added as it's fully planned out. For now, there are no cutscenes in-game to explain the story.


Xane, angered by Arthas' recent murdering, picks up the sword Arthas left at the scene and runs off to find him and get his revenge.


One day, Mary was coming out of her house to return to the beach when suddenly a big silhouette appears on the horizon, calling himself the "Origin Master". He then throws a big fireball, which destroys a house beside Mary's own! Mary becomes scared and runs to find her umbrella, her only defense, and goes off to stop the Origin Master before he may destroy more of the city!


See Locations.


Deathmatch can be played on any level, including Special Stages; If a multiplayer game is started with the -deathmatch command line argument and is set to a valid level (see the above "levels" list), players will battle in a specific area of the level most suitable for combat, with other areas blocked off with gates and force fields.