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Mary's Magical Adventure is the newest part of the World of Kirbycraft series, based on the GZDoom source port. It is currently in early alpha but the latest release and source code are downloadable.


This section or page contains details that may spoil your experience. Read and reveal spoilers at your own risk.

Mary's Magical Adventure is very incomplete, but the story will be added as it's fully planned out. For now, there are no cutscenes in-game to explain the story.


One day, Xane was at Xane Corp., standing at the front desk, starting a typical work day. Suddenly, the front door opens, revealing many cops from the Hell City Police Department! One of the cops commands Xane to stay where he is, that he's under arrest for kidnapping his wife and keeping her away from home. Xane tries to tell him that he isn't the one responsible for the crime, but the cops don't listen and begin to approach him. Xane, angered that they are ignoring him, begins to attack them using the sword he got from the crime scene. This causes him to become wanted for a real crime, killing police officers. After he kills a lot of police officers, an increased number of cops starts pouring through the front door and quickly floods the room, surrounding Xane. Before he knows it, the HCPD officers have him knocked out and carried out of the building.

When Xane regains consciousness, Xane gets up from the floor, discovering he's now in a jail cell in the Hell City Prison. He briefly worries, but then looks around for a way out of the the cell. Xane finds a very small switch on the wall near the awful concrete slab bed. Doing this causes the alarms in the prison to activate, and a hatch on the floor flips open. Xane approaches it, then notices police officers quickly piling up on the other side of the bars. Xane gives a smug smile and waves at the officers before jumping down the shaft. The police officers quickly storm into the cell, only to look down the "trap door" and see a hallway below rather than the usual room they would catch escaping criminals in!

Xane, now in one of the prison's hallways, knows he's one step closer to making it out of this giant trap. With a confident yell of "Yippie-ki-yay, officers!", Xane starts running down the very dark hallway...[1]


After the Origin Master kills Arthas and Uther's henchmen, he's relieved to know he's stopped the two. However, he soon finds out that both are partially still alive, floating around as spirit orbs! The orbs hang around for a short time, but then begin to float away, having plans to possess people with high power levels, Masters. Xane throws a spiritual ball at the two orbs, attempting to absorb them into it, but the orbs spread out as the orb is about to hit them!

Xane now becomes concerned; That ball throw drained most of what remained of his power after the big battle, and now the two orbs are out in the world! Xane knows that ball he threw is doomed to hit something, and watches as it floats into the distance. It moves toward and makes contact with the closed portal to The Fourth Dimension, which opens it, unleashing many monsters to every part of the world once again, just after he sealed them back! Xane can only watch, now too weak to rescue his wife from the cage she's trapped in, and unable to save his daughter from the invasion she's about to have to make her way through...

The Origin Master
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“I'm sorry, Mary...!”

Meanwhile, in Hell City, Mary is hanging out at the Mary's restaurant when she hears a distant bang! When she looks out the window, she sees monsters shooting down the street! Scared by this unexpected sight, she runs back to her home.

Three HCPD officers arrive and spread out to look for monsters, but one is killed by a tiger in front of Mary's house. The other cops slowly regroup in front of Mary’s house, but as one approaches Mary to ask about what happened, Mary recalls what her dad told her, to defend against any cops that get too close, no matter the reason. She hits the cop with her umbrella, which kills him!

Now Mary has two objectives: find what caused the monsters to appear and evade the police officers! Additionally, she has two thoughts on her mind, questions about where her mommy and daddy are...



Deathmatch can be played on any level, including Special Stages; If a multiplayer game is started with the -deathmatch command line argument and is set to a valid level (see the above "levels" list), players will battle in a specific area of the level most suitable for combat, with other areas blocked off with gates and force fields.

  1. Yes, this is a Die Hard reference and it's only this way because the Hell City Prison is a big reference to Die Hard Trilogy 2. At the beginning of one of the levels in said game, the player character says that catchphrase. This isn't faithful to the original level, as there he says "I've got a bad feeling about this...".