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The Magical Mary series of games is Xane's most ambitious and unfinished psuedo-franchise. Games in the series take place in an unnamed universe, and usually include Mary Joyflower as a character or the story involves her family in some way.

Due to his mental damage increasing, there's no guarantee that any of the games listed below will ever be completed.

Magical Mary[edit]

A first-person shooter and platformer game made using the GZDoom source port. Most gameplay changes are made using ACS and DECORATE rather than ZScript. In 2020, it was announced that the game was being refactored, but has since been put into an indefinite hiatus.

Project Magical Mary[edit]

A roleplaying platform game on Roblox. Only a limited group of players can access the game, but as of 2023, it only contains a baseplate with some of the planned features on it.

Planned features include:

  • Playable instruments
  • Multiple restaurants with their own food and drinks to make and eat
  • A dress up mode with multiple outfits
  • Magical teams (magical girl teams, but with both genders)