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File:WeaponIcon-Xane's Hammer-MM1.pngXane's Hammer (weapon #3)
WeaponPicture-Xane's Hammer-MM1.png
“The very strong hammer”
Type Melee
Requirement Reach Rolling Albatross.
Also given initially for debugging.
Damage Normal hit: 45
Spike Stab: 55
Speedy Swing: 23
Hammer Throw: 10
Notice: All attacks have increased damage while your character is transformed or Damage Coins are in use. This may result in up to 2.5× more damage than what's displayed above.

Xane's Hammer is Xane's third (currently second) weapon, which allows him to use powerful attacks against his enemies.


Xane's Hammer is a big, mainly blue and orange hammer split into three sections.

At the bottom is a small, red-pink round part, above which is the orange handle, made of soft but strong material. This is where Xane holds the weapon. Above this is a dark blue shaft that attaches to the top of the hammer.

The hammer's big top part is a slightly lighter blue cylinder with two large golden ends, one having a cyan-colored spike. Xane mainly uses the flat end on the other side, but with the Spike Stab upgrade, Xane can rotate the hammer around and quickly stab the enemy with it.


Initially, the hammer can only perform a simple attack. Push Attack 1 and Xane will move the hammer backward then quickly swing it forward, hurting the enemy in front of him.


As with all weapons in Magical Mary 1, Xane's Hammer has three upgrades, which are gained in order when chosen from the upgrade menu.

Title Location Purpose Command Description
Water Paddle Water Mobility Tap Attack 1 on water Use the hammer while running on water as a paddle for total control.
Spike Stab Any Offense Hold Attack 1 After a charge, stabs enemy with hammer for big damage.
Hammer Throw Any Offense Hold Attack 2 Throws hammer, which pierces enemies. Must hit something to use again.

*Titles and descriptions were taken directly from the game's text strings. Location and purpose are guesses and may not be accurately described.



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  • This is the first weapon that was made with all upgrades in mind, so none of the upgrade attacks re-use animations, unlike Mary's weapons and Xane's current, to-be-scrapped sword.