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In Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom, some attacks have special damage types, which cause special reactions from the player and enemies. Do note, these behaviors may not apply to every enemy, as the reactions are added manually to each. With that said, this is the list of all damage types in the game:

Name Triggers Hurt behavior Death behavior
AirDash Mary's Air Dash
Moving at high speeds
Sends enemy flying away from Mary. Enemy flies away at high speeds. When they hit something, they will explode.
Fire Fireballs from Flower Wand
Burning enemies
Lava Balls
Briefly catches enemy on fire. Usually after burning, the enemy will immediately try attacking you. Some enemies catch on fire, running around at fast speeds towards other enemies if any are around. If they kill the enemy, they will also catch on fire. After a few seconds, the enemy will become ashes and die.
Ice Ice Balls from Flower Wand
Icy Balls
Nothing special. Freezes enemy in a block of ice. You can push the ice block around and any enemies that go near it freeze as well.
SecondaryFire Burning leaves Identical to Fire above, just used for fire that should be treated as "less effective" to prevent accidental burning from things like burning leaves. This should be used by anything but things the player uses. Same as Fire.
Soap Liquid soap from Soap Boxes Nothing special, but bosses aren't as affected by soap as normal enemies and players. Nothing special.
Stun Green magical bullets
Standard Balls
Freezes enemy in place for a couple seconds. Nothing special.
Sword Apprentice's Sword's sword swings(?) If this behavior is even used, causes enemy to become stunned for a very short time while not moving, to make sword swings easier to chain. Nothing special.
Umbrella Mary's Umbrella's normal attack Knocks enemy back a small distance. Like the Air Dash, sends enemy flying away, but at a smaller velocity. Enemies will still explode if they collide with something.