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Like any movies or games, Xane's creations have stories that take place in certain areas. Most of Xane's one-time movies don't have named locations so they aren't included on this page.

BamBam's Adventure[edit]

In BamBam's Adventure, BAM quickly goes through multiple locations, most not named. These will be marked with an asterisk.

  • Grass area*
  • Cave #1*
  • Waterfall Hills
  • Cave #2*
  • Space
  • Shushybye
  • Shushybye Depths
  • Sky*
  • Home*[1]

*These areas don't have names in-game, only internal board names.

Untitled Platformer[edit]

  • Green Island
  • Grey Station(?)

World of Kirbycraft[edit]

The only location in the World of Kirbycraft movies is a city, unnamed in the series. It is an island with multiple types of terrain beside eachother. While every part of the island is visited at least once during fights, some areas are used as part of the plot:

  • The Volcano[2]
  • Buildings[3]
  • Uther's Lab
  • Underground[4]

Mary's Magical Adventure[edit]

Mary's Magical Adventure is alpha but has many levels planned, sometimes referred in-game as "areas". All levels are playable in single-player (campaign), co-op, and deathmatch. Mary and Xane both go through the same levels, only fighting their own final bosses. Some levels may support deathmatch, but this isn't guaranteed.



During any level, warping to Jane's Hut is possible.

Special Stages[edit]

Battle Arenas[edit]

Locations In-universe[edit]


  1. This house is based on a previous house Xane lived in.
  2. The map that indicates where to find CJ's Panda Express cup is found here.
  3. Arthas has to visit two buildings, one of which being a hospital.
  4. This is where the Lich King and CJ's Panda Express cup are located.