Soap Box

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Soap Box
File:Object-Soap Box-MM1.png
Classes/DoomEd Numbers: SoapBox (467)

Soap Boxes are glass cubes with a pink frame on its edges that contains a cube of soap.


Soap Boxes are stationary objects which can be pushed or stood on, allowing them to be used as platforms. They are easily sent flying by more powerful attacks.


Soap Boxes explode if attacked enough, though their behavior varies depending on what type of attack destroys it.

Type Description
Normal The box shakes for a second then explodes.
Fire It immediately explodes with no delay.
Ice The box freezes in an ice cube. After four seconds, the ice cube shatters and the box explodes as normal.

When the Soap Box explodes, five big liquid blobs shoot out above the box, one on each corner and one in the middle. These continuously damage anything that comes in contact with them until the soap dries up enough. Additionally, harmless white soap pieces scatter around the box's leftover frame parts.